Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A coat muslin

So just in time for the weather to turn freezing, I managed to trace my coat pieces and sew a muslin. Ottobre patterns tend to fit me pretty well, and I'm not really a dedicated maker of muslins, but with a project as involved as a coat (and such pretty and precious fabric), I'd rather be on the safe side...

So here's the (very blurry and unflattering) pictures:
All things considered, not a bad fit, I think. The waist hits a bit low for my taste, so I'm going to shorten the bodice pieces by a couple of centimeters.
The sleeves didn't fit on the piece of fabric I used for the muslin (a medium-ish weigh cotton canvas), so for now the muslin is sleeveless, but I may have to add them, since there's a bit of weirdness going on at the shoulders and arm scythe.
I'm thinking about doing a forward shoulder adjustment and taking away a bit of fabric from the top part of the front side piece. However, the coat is supposed to have shoulder pads, and putting them in almost corrected at least part of the problem... - or what do you think? There are still some unattractive folds along the front side piece, but I'm afraid of taking away too much, and having the end result turn out too small over the bust... maybe just a few millimeters?
I'd appreciate any feedback you can give - I'm pants at fitting most of the time, with the worst thing being actually cottoning on to fitting problems... ;-)

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