My Handmade Closet

I started sewing in Spring 2009 because I really wanted to have a 50s swirl skirt and petticoat for a Carnival party (and because I was learning Rock'n'Roll dancing and rollerskating at that time). I hadn't worked with a sewing machine since craft class in 5th grade, but my best friend lent me hers and I figured it couldn't be that difficult... I made my fair share of mistakes but it worked out and I experienced a heady rush of excitement when I finished my very first me-made garment!

Over time, I wanted to sew more. I also discovered a number of sewing and fashion blogs on the internet (the wonderful Gertie among others) which fascinated me to no end! I'd never been all that fashion conscious (although I do like to dress nicely) and it was a whole new world for me. In the beginning it was mainly a fascination with cute vintage and retro-inspired dresses. Then I stumbled over Me-Made May, and it showed me a whole new side to home sewing. People weren't just sewing cute dresses that were too expensive to buy, they sewed whole wardrobes of everyday-clothing! Partly because of fashion and fit, but also partly because of sustainability.

That awed me quite a bit, and little by little, my own sewing goals seem to have changed. Taking part in the Summer Essentials Sew-along and planning to join Self-Stitched September cemented that. I still like cute, vintage-inspired dresses (and I've sketched out and planned to sew quite a few sometime soon), but I like the idea of having a handmade closet. Of being able to wear me-mades every day.

So here it is, my hadmade closet. The idea actually came from Sarah over at Rhinestones&Telephones, who also made this very cute sticker:


I think it's a great way to keep track of the garments I have already made and to show them off all in one place. If you also want to fill your closet with handmade things and want to join the project, just head over to her site. And now, without further ado, I present to you my me-mades:


Hawaiian Summer Macaron - Oct. '13Star Trek Lola - Oct. '13Polka-dot Halter Dress - July '13

Mad Men Dress - May '13Striped Summer Lola - May '13Sleeveless Flower Dress - Mar. '13

Green Corduroy Rooibos - Feb. '13Lacy Tiramisu - Feb. '13Blue Rose Dress - Jan. '13

Coral Lola - Jan. '13Christmas Parfait - Dec. '12Minnie Dress - Aug. '12

Moon Munkie Mystery dress - June '12Striped Summer dress - May '12Strawberry Macaron - May '12

rose print dress - May. '12wild print jersey dress - Mar. '12polka-dot jersey dress - Mar. '12

black wool dress - sewn Feb. '10, added lace collar Feb. '12plaid Rooibos - Jan. '12winter Macaron - Jan. '12

Floral Macaron - Nov. '11grey knit dress - Oct. '11teal sheath dress - Oct '11

polka-dot Rooibos - Sept. '11boatneck knit dress - Sept. '11cut-out back jersey dress - July '11

b&w jersey dress - July '11Sailor Crepe - July '11embroidered top to jersey dress refashion - June '11

green jersey wrap dress - June '11red polka-dot Crêpe, Mar. '11the checkered sheath dress - Feb. '10


Flowery Babydoll Top - July '12Macaron Flower Tee - Apr. '13Aqua Top - Feb. '13

Strawberry Stripes - Sept. '12purple Renfrew - Dec. '11coral raglan sleeve - Nov. '11

black satin 20s babydoll top - July '11polka dot Sorbetto blouse - June '11teal knit top - June '11

striped knit tee - June '11embroidered fleece sweater - Oct. '10the Zoe coffee date ruffle top - Sept. '10

the Desigual style wrap top - Sept. '10refashioned lace cardi - Sept. '10nautical striped long-sleeve, Aug. '10

lacy black tank top, Aug. '10red polka dot peasant blouse - Aug. '10Indian babydoll top / sundress - July '10


black satin 20s skirt - July '11linen sailor trousers - June '11lace-refashioned denim skirt - June '11

Elvis circle skirt - April '11refashioned/shortened red skirt - Mar. '11strawberry skirt - Sept. '10

blue polka-dot skirt - Sept. '10the polka dot jersey skirt - July '10The swirly skirt & petticoat - Feb. '09

Lounge Wear 

PJ Madeleine shorts - April '12PJ Sorbetto top - April '12lacy underwear - March '12


Lilac Socks - Nov. '12Waldo Socks - Aug. '12

Lacy Spring Cardi - April '12Friendship Scarf - Nov. '11Reading Mitts - Oct. '11

Selfless Stitching

Owl Hat - Dec. 12

Critter Hat - Dec. '12Baby Blanket - September '12Japanese Tote - May '12

Mom Rooibos - June '12Sister Rooibos - given April '12Mom Mitts - Dec '11

Boyfriend Scarflet - Nov '11Grandma Scarflets - Nov. '11Sister Mitts - Oct. '11

Cherry Tote - Aug '10Baby Blanket - Aug. '10Baby Blanket - June '10


  1. Hi, !st time coming to see your blog. Its great ! xx

  2. I love this idea of putting all your makes together to show what you have achieved. It's amazing, you must be so proud!! Well done. x x x

  3. I love that you're self taught. So am I :)

  4. You are so busy and you still find time to relax and sew. I envy you your ability to turn out so many amazing outfits ( i love the swirly skirt and petticoat -it looks amazing on you as well as 20s skirt and the red polka dot peasant blouse) but I don't envy you that hectic schedule! What's that saying, "if you need something done, ask a busy woman"...